Health Effects of Smoking

Cigarette Smoking
Information on smokers, the health effects of smoking, nicotine addiction, and the health benefits of quitting smoking. (American Cancer Society)

Questions About Smoking, Tobacco, and Health
Answers to questions about smoking safety, nicotine addiction, and tobacco use among young people, quitting, and many more smoking topics. (American Cancer Society)

When Smokers Quit-the Health Benefits Over Time
How the body recovers from smoking the last cigarette; from 20 minutes after quitting to 15 years after quitting. (American Cancer Society)

Quitting Smoking Adds Years to Your Life
Researchers track how many years longer you can expect to live by quitting in middle age and even at age 65. (American Cancer Society)


Guide to Quitting Smoking
Informative guide to quitting options, what you are up against, and where to go for help when you are trying to quit smoking. (American Cancer Society)

Help for Cravings and Tough Situations
Tips to fight cravings and to prepare for difficult times or places where it may be tempting to light up. (American Cancer Society)

Smokefree.gov: Online Guide to Quitting
In-depth guide to quitting smoking, with information on thinking about quitting, preparing to quit, quitting, and staying quit. (Smokefree.gov)

Talk to an Expert: Find Help in your State
Click on your state to find local quitline phone numbers and Web site information. (Smokefree.gov)

Quit Tips-Don't Let Another Year Go Up in Smoke
Advice for smokers who want to quit. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Quiz: Match Smoking Habits to Quit Methods
This interactive quiz will reveal your smoking patterns and measure your need for nicotine. (American Cancer Society)

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