Types of Stress

The Different Kinds of Stress
Descriptions of each of the different types of stress, including acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic stress. (American Psychological Association)

Job Stress

Job Stress
Statistics and facts about job stress and how it affects so many American's today. (The American Institute of Stress)

Managing Stress

Stress-How to Cope Better With Life's Changes
Information on the causes of stress, how it affects health, and tips for reducing stress. (American Academy of Family Physicians)

How Can I Manage Stress?
The American Heart Association's guide to managing stress in daily life. (American Heart Association)

Relaxation Techniques

Meditation: Calming Your Mind, Body, and Spirit
(Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research)

Yoga: Moving and Breathing Your Way to Relaxation
(Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research)

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