Fitness Assessment Program

The Employee Wellness Program (EWP) offers a variety of individual fitness tests and fitness test packages.

Body Composition is measured by skinfolds or by underwater weighing. Skinfolds assess body composition by measuring the thickness of the skin and subcutaneous fat at specific locations across the body. Underwater weighing estimates body volume and body density, from which body composition may be determined.

Aerobic Fitness is measured by a submaximal or maximal graded exercise test conducted on a cycle ergometer or treadmill. The intensity and mode are selected based on the age, exercise risk category of the participant, and the purpose of the test. Maximal oxygen uptake can be directly measured using a metabolic cart or it can be estimated using the participant’s heart rate response to exercise.

Assessment Packages are available that include a combination of tests. The Basic Fitness Assessment Package includes a skinfold assessment of body composition and a submaximal exercise test to estimate aerobic fitness. The Deluxe Fitness Assessment Package includes underwater weighing to assess body composition and a directly measured maximal oxygen uptake.

Fitness Assessment Program
(Run through the Physical Performance Program)
Individual Tests
Body Composition Test
Hydrostatic weighing test (underwater) $     25.00
Skinfold test (7-site Jackson & Pollock) $     15.00
Dietary Analysis Test (computerized 3-day) $     50.00
Aerobic Fitness Test
Submaximal test (without ECD, without VO2) $     50.00
With ECG (based on CHD risk) – add $50.00    
Maximal test (without ECG, with VO2) $   100.00
With ECG (based on CHD risk) – add $50.00
Anaerobic Fitness or Strength Test
Wingate anaerobic power test (cycle) $     50.00
Cybex/Human strength test (3 speeds) $     50.00
Test Packages
Basic Fitness Assessment Package
Regular price for community member $     55.00
Current CSF student/staff/faculty (with ID) $     35.00
Body composition test (skinfolds only)
Aerobic fitness test (submax test without VO2)
With ECG (based on CHD risk) – add $50.00
Deluxe Fitness Assessment Package
Regular price for community member $     120.00
Current CSF student/staff/faculty (with ID) $     100.00
Body composition test (underwater)
Aerobic fitness test (maximal test with VO2)
With ECG (based on CHD risk) – add $50.00
All testing is done by appointment – call (657) 278-3276

Exercise tests are available only to those who are considered “low” to “moderate” risk of coronary heart disease (defined as free of known disease, no signs or symptoms of disease, and no more than one major CHD risk factor). A completed health history is required prior to any exercise test.  Maximal testing may be limited to men under age 45 and women under age 55.

Employee Wellness Program

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